Excursions - Discover the Ötztal Valley

    This natural lake is the biggest lake of the valley and the warmest swimming lake in Tirol. It invites you to spend some refreshing hours in the summer and to enjoy unforgettable hiking tours in autumn.
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    Living and working in a little village community, at the time of Ötzi. The Ötzi Village is a 9000m² big archeological outdoor park which is located beneath the Stuiben waterfall. It will take you back to the New Stone Age and will provide you an insight into the possible everyday life at the time of Ötzi.
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    Huge masses of water flow down the stepped waterfall – the biggest one in Tirol. On the platforms you will literally float above the water and look at the rushing depths.
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    The Aqua DOME offers you a unique thermal and aquatic experience thanks to its extensive indoor and outdoor facilities. The 34°C and 36°C warm water, the active pool with underwater exercise machines and the big panoramic windows will let enjoy the fascination of the Ötztal Glacier world also in winter.
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  • ROFEN FARMS Rofen in Vent is the highest permanent settlement of the Eastern Alps that is operative throughout the year (2,013m).
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    The Top Mountain Star on the fore summit of the Wurmkogls at 3,082m is a highlight in the truest sense of the word. The unique combination of the panoramic platform and the bar on the mountain top invites you to enjoy the breathtaking view and to rest.  
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  • PICCARD DENKMALIn memory of the spectacular landing of the Swiss Professor Auguste Piccard in 1931, which popularized Gurgl worldwide.
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    With the Timmelsjoch high-alpine road one of the most popular pass routes of the Alps awaits you. At the highest pass of the Alps you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.
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    The suspension bridge will be build over the ravine of Gurgler glacier - promising a quick, easy and safe crossing of the valley by connecting the hiking trail network of Hochwildehaus, Karlsruher Hütte and Ramolhaus.
    Construction: summer 2016, August - September
    Length: 142 m
    Height: 100 m above ground
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